Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hey everyone!!! So I ended up getting transfered to Epcot west side attractions at Innoventions!!!  It has been so much fun so far!  So here is how all of this went down; last Monday I got a call from the Disney University people telling me I was to be at Epcot on Tuesday for orientation at 8:00 am.  Then I received another call from the manager at Innoventions that she would have a trainer meet me after orientation to show me around and explain what I would be doing.  So yeah, that was crazy fast!!

So I trained for 3 days last week on The Sum of All Thrills presented by Raytheon.  I forgot how boring some of the computer work and reading is haha!  But I learned about being a greeter, pre-show, design lab, grouper, and robo operator!  I love pretty much all the positions, but robo operator the most!  It's just so much fun being in control of this large piece of awesome technology!  

For those of you that do not know what Sum of All Thrills is.....let me explain.  Sum of all Thrills is where you design and engineer your own thrill ride using math and science to determine the level of intensity that you use.  Ok so yeah I know that sounds scripted but it's the best way to explain what it is!  Pretty much you start off in a pre-show where they explain exactly what it is that your doing, then you go to your design lab where you work on a touch screen computer to build your ride.  You determine what move it does, how high it goes, and how fast.  But you have to be sure that you aren't going to fast or too slow and it shows all the math equations they are using on the screen....and trust me guys, they are all real! So Fantastic!!! Maybe that's just the nerd in me!  Then after that you go up to the platform and give your design card to a cast member.  They swipe their computer with it and it uploads your ride to the robo.  Then you get to ride it!!!!!!

As you can tell I absolutely love this ride!  I am so much happier where I am now and cannot wait to be trained at the other locations throughout Innoventions!  I will tell you about those later ;-)  But for now I am out!!!  Enjoy this video showing what The Sum of All Thrills presented by Raytheon is....