Friday, July 30, 2010

Medical accommodation

Hey everyone!  Hope everyone is doing great, and I am super excited about all the new people getting ready to come out here!! I cannot believe that it is almost August!  CRAZY!  Where did the summer go?  Oh yeah it all went to Disney!!! haha.  As you can tell I am still loving it down here!  My last post was all about my er trip and what to do when you get sick and yada yada yada, but now I have run into something else along the keeping healthy at Disney topic; Medical Accommodation!  What is this you may ask?  It is where you can request a medical restriction on your working.  Here is exactly what Disney has to say about it :

Please review the following when a College and International Programs Cast Member reports a medical restriction. A) The Cast Member reports a permanent medical condition that prevents him or her from performing the role: When a candidate arrives in the work location with a previously unreported medical restriction, the candidate and his/her physician must complete the Request for Medical Accommodation in Employment Form and submit it to Health Services. The form is available on The Hub in the Health Services module. B)The Cast Member suffers an occupational injury that cannot be accommodated in his/her current location or role: If the medical restrictions are due to an occupational injury, the work location must partner with the local Modified Duty Office for a temporary assignment. C) During his or her Program, the Cast Member reports medical restrictions which result in the Cast Member being unable to work: If the restriction is temporary and not the result of an occupational injury, resulting in an absence of greater than five (5) consecutive working days, the work areas can indicate the first five days as call-ins and then grant the Cast Member a maximum of five ADOs based on business need. If the Cast Member misses more than ten (10) consecutive workdays (based on a five-day, 40-hour workweek) not to exceed 14 consecutive days, he/she must be terminated and given a "restricted" rehire status. If the restriction is permanent and not the result of an occupational injury, the candidate and his/her physician must complete the Request for Medical Accommodation in Employment Form and submit it to Health Services. The form is available on The Hub in the Health Services module. *Participant must continue to be scheduled in his or her current location while his or her request for medical accommodation is being evaluated. For additional information, please see the Recasting Guidelines document on The Leadership module of the College, International and CareerStart Programs module on The Hub.

Whew that's a lot of words!!!  Anyways due to my allergies I have fallen under this category and have had to put in a request to be moved from outdoors, and foods.  Pretty much what I had to do is I went to health services and got a packet of paperwork to fill out.  My portion of it asked questions like what is the illness or injury, mine is allergies, when did it start, what does it limit etc.  Then it asks what accommodations they can make for it, and I said to not work out doors or with food because coughing, sneezing, not breathing in front of customers is just not good customer service.  So I asked to be moved to attractions where I would not have to deal with any of that.  So then I had to fax the other half of the packet to my doctor to fill out.

So  now all of the paper work is in, and the committee reviewed it and it got approved!!!!!  So I got a phone call today from the lady over seeing the whole thing and I am suppose to call her if I have any troubles with any of it, and now I am just waiting on the college program to give me a call so I can find out where I am moving to!  So yeah that is the excitement here!!!  I should be doing another post here soon on some of the stuff to do around here on your days off, that is when your not going to the parks and having the time of your life!  Anyways I think this is enough for today, I will update you on where I am moving to!!!  Have a magical day everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, i dont know if you get on this anymore but I would like to know a bit more about this. I was accepted for QSFB this Fall, but I am allergic to some disinfectants and I'm worried I might end up sneezing in guests food (not so magical!) I have yet to accept the offer (just received the email), so should I fill out that paperwork ? Should I do it before accepting the role? I am so nervous!! So any help is deeply appreciated!

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