Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hey everyone!!!!!  So today I took a dive and wen't and auditioned for the part of Vidia - one of Tinker Bell's faries.  The audition was right after I got off of work so I hurried over there as fast as I could.  It was an interesting sight because I went running through the parking lot unbuttoning my shirt as I ran (don't worry I had a shirt on underneath!) jumped in my car threw off my pants (had shorts on underneath as well) and changed my shoes real quick!  Drove like crazy over to Animal Kingdom wardrobe where the auditions were.

When I got there we went in and got measured for height (I am 62.5")  Then I signed in and got a number. I found two of my friends there who were also trying out.  We sat around a while until they took in one group of people.  I wasn't in the first group, so we sat and kept talking.  Then they took our group in.

When we got into the room they lined us up in rows of 10.  There were 50 of us in all in our group.  We then were told to talk with each other and keep smiling and they wondered around looking at each person.  It was a very quick process.

I didn't make it, they only took like 2 of the 50 of us so yeah.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the right skin tone for her but oh well!! I"m planning on going to another audition!!  Should be fun!! But anyways I thought I would share that with you all!!  Hope everyone is doing well!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey hey hey!

Hey everyone!  Hope you all are doing well out there!!  Sorry I have not really written much but I have just been supper busy!  Work is going great!  There are some frustrating days, not going to lie, but all in all I love everything about my job!  I am currently working on working my way towards being a trainer for people coming in August!!  I sure hope I get the position!  Anyways, I do not have much to say, just wanted to stop by and say hi!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Epic Day!

Finally for a few days off haha!!  Today was day 2 of my days off and it's back to work tomorrow night to work the 5k obstacle course....yay...I'd much rather be competing in it, but oh well I guess.  So why was today such an epic day?? Well I'll tell you of my journey.

I started off in sunny orlando Florida with my friend Paige.  We then went to the Dino institute where we were to go back in time to see the cretaceous period.  But then this guy wanted us to go back to the late cretaceous period to find an iguanadon, only prob was that it was about 90 sec until the meteor that killed almost all life was to hit.  So we went back in time in search of the iguanadon when we made a larger dinosaur angry and he chased us around.  We finally got home right before the meteor impact, and guess who we brought back with us?  Yes the iguanadon!!!!

So after this exciting and scary adventure Paige and I saw Mt. Everst off in the distance, so we decided that we would go climb to the top!!!  After walking through the streets of Asia, and looking at all the prayer cloths and seeing how many prayers had answered we had finally made it to the base of Everest where we got our gear on and started our climb...well ok so we took a train.  But as we were going along our train tracks were broken!!!!  So we went backwards down the mountain and loop de dooed around we were stopped yet again by the sacred yetti where he was tearing up more of our track!!! So we finally made it back down to base alive.

Exhausted after this journey we stopped at a local mart for a refreshing drink.  Then we continued walking and somehow ended up in Africa where everyone was saying Jambo to us and the drums were beating and the people were dancing.  We soon came across a safari ride!! So we went on our 2 week long safari ride and saw several animal until we learned that there were poachers in the reserve!! So we raced over to help the poor baby elephant and saved the day!!!!!

After we got back we wondered through the streets of Africa when we crossed over a bridge and suddenly felt very small as we entered through a hole in the great tree of life.  There we met several bugs until one showed up who was not happy to see us and was out for revenge!!! We got stung, and attacked by spiders until a lizard saved the day!!  After this we were exhausted and decided that we had done enough for one day and decided to go home!!!

Ok so can we tell I'm bored haha!! After this wonderful day at Animal Kingdom I met up with my aunt and uncle who I hadn't seen in ever and they're 2 boys and ate at the T-rex cafe in Downtown Disney which is a great place!! I highly suggest it!!  Anyways I"m out, hope you enjoyed my story haha :-p  have a magical day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Earned My Ears!!!!

Well everyone, I have made it through training and have officially earned my ears!!!!  It was an exhausting process but so worth it and just sooooooo much fun!!! I love the people I work with and it's a fantastic job.  Note to everyone out there, this job is what you make it, have fun with it and it will be fun!!!!  I also got to go home early today which I needed so bad cause I'm on day 6 of my 9 day work streak, only 3 more to go then finally a day off!!!!!!!  Anyways I just wanted to stop by and share that news!!  I'm having the time of my life down here, and I've only been here 2 weeks, I'm excited to see how the rest of the time goes.  this is short cause I"m going to take a quick nap before heading to something at Hollywood studios, something about tower or terror or something, but have a good day everyone!!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hey everyone just thought I'd stop by real quick to say a quick hello and let you know how training is going!!  It's going great!! Yesterday I worked at the coffee kiosk which was a lot of fun, but boring at the same time because there were about 8 of us stuffed into this little kiosk with one registar.  So one person worked registar while the rest of us stood in one place and just grabbed something like a coke or something like that.  Usually there are 2 people in one yeah but oh well it was still fun.  Today I get to work at the funnel cake place!! I hear it's really hot but I really wana learn how to make them and/or work the registar today!  I"m dying to get back on a registar cause I really enjoy the interaction with the guests and money haha.  I know I"m weird!!!!
This is my costume, I got better boots though haha
So anyways, tonight I'm going to go visit my lovely roommie at where she works in Magic Kingdom and we're going to watch the new Spectro Magic parade!!!!  It's a cast only viewing of it tonight!  I think a whole group of us are going so should be fun stuff!!!  Well I'm out of here to start day 3 of my 9 day work week!  I know sounds tough but honestly it hasn't been bad so far!! 6 more days to go after today!!!  Have a good day everyone!!!