Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not much going on

Hey everyone, sorry not much is going on so I haven't really posted anything!  I have 17 days until I leave for Florida 16 days until I move out of my house and 14 days until my last final!!!  Seems so close yet so far away haha!  I've started packing!!  I have one box done for Disney - it has all of my wall decorations in it.  While I was home this past weekend I found some old lithographs from when I was little.  I have a Lion King one, a Mulan one, and a Lion King 2 one.  So I'm bringing those with me!!!  Also pictures of my friends and family that are in picture frames!!

Also with all of my Disney prep my cousin made a ring tone for me!!! She did a clip from Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast!!!  I love this song and it's just so much fun to have as a ring tone!!  But with listening to it it really made me want to watch that movie!  I don't have it up here with me :-(  Maybe I'll have to run off with it when after this weekend at home haha!!!  That'll give me something to watch while studying for finals!!!

I got e-mails from Disney talking about the Disney look and the Education classes that are offered.  My only deal with the Disney look is I have highlighted hair and I do have darkish roots...but what I'm doing for fixing that is I got some hair lightening spray from Sally's Beauty Store, that you put in and then blow dry and it lightens up your hair.   So I'm using that on my roots.  I've only used it once so far, and it lightened them up quite a bit!!  So I"m hoping that I can just use this and be fine!!  I think it'll work haha!  I don't wana dye my hair to it's natural because I don't like it, and I don't want to keep highlighting it because of swimming and chlorine = green hair!! YUCK!!

On another note thought I'm thinking about taking one class through Disney, the marketing you one.  With this one you learn how to make a really good resume, get on the carrer path that you want, and I just think that it will be very very beneficial!!!  Even though I don't get credit for it I still want to take it!

Well I hope everyone out there is getting as excited as I am for Disney and I can't wait to meet everyone out there!!!!!  Have a very very Magical Day and I'm going to leave you with a pic from another one of my favorite Disney movies!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Contest on my Roomie's blog!!!

Hey everyone my future roommie has an awesome contest going on her blog so GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Click on go check it out to be redirected!!!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Disney Look Makeup

So I've decided that I'll post to help you all out with the Disney look as far as makeup goes.  I use to work at a makeup store as a makeup consultant so I have a few ideas!!  The key thing for the disney look is natural.  So lets start!!

Foundation - if you wear it haha.  I wear foundation once in a while when I need to even out my complexion but honestly not that often.  I use a light foundation - Dream Matt Mouse by maybelline, and also a powder to set it.  If I need to really cover up something I use concealer.  Now thing thing with concealer that I learned is to put it on first, then your foundation!  Now powder is really good for setting your foundation and making it last longer!  Be sure you use a nice size soft brush for this!  And just lightly sweep it on!  Nothing too heavy!  You don't want to look like you have make up on haha.

Next is the blush and bronzer.  Yes I do use a bronzer because it helps give a sun kissed look!  But don't use it in place of blush!!  You need both!  Start with your blush.  Take a large soft brush, can be the same one you used for the powder and lightly sweet blush just on your cheek bones.  I would also say start mid eye and work your way out.  Dont get too close to the nose or else you end up with a smushed face look...not good!  Now the bronzer!  Take and rub the brush on the bronzer and tap out excess, put it over the same spot as the blush on both sides with the same stroke of the bronzer.  No going back for more!  Then take and buff the rest of your face with the brush to give it an all over sun kissed look!  Note: with the bronzer only choose a shade that is about one shade darker than your foundation, and not too orange.  You don't want to look fake!

Ok eye time.  Now for a natural look you want to choose browns or pinks, or a combo of both.  My first look that I'm going to tell you about is the browns.  I have a trio of browns that has one light color, a copper color, and a darker brown color.  First you take and sweep the lightest color up all the way to your eye brow.  Then take the copper color and sweep it over your eye lid.  Then take the darker color and lightly tap it into the crease of your eye lid and brow-bone and a litte up onto the brow-bone.  If you want to use eye liner use a brown and only use it on the rim of your eye lid - like under your eyelashes.  And then lightly on the bottom eye lash line.  And also only do it on the outside half of your eye.  I tried to get a pic, and it's a little bit darker than you would do...but its the only way this look would show up on camera.  Notice though how natural it does look.  Also finish it off with some mascara!

For using pinks I have a duo of a light pink and then more of a purply color...darker pink whatever you wana call it. For this one you take and sweep the light one on the brow bone, and the darker one on the lid.  Then I use black eyeliner for this which can be done and look still natural. You need to only do it on half of the eye and under the lashes again. And then on the bottom do it on top of the lashes (hope that makes sence) and finish off with mascara.  (notice again, once and light!)

Ok I hope these tips were somewhat helpful!!  Please just let me know if you have any makeup reallated questions!  ENJOY!


Hey everyone, so I did it, I jumped in a tried out for glee..... So go check me out and give me stars!!!! haha, thanks!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just updating

Hey everyone, I honestly don't have a specific topic to post on today haha, but I really wanted to jump on and say hello to my newest followers!! I'm up to 10 and so excited!!  This blog will become more interesting as soon as I get to the college program and then I can do blogs on what is going on down there haha.  A lot of other blogs I've been reading are doing information on the different parks and stuff, which is great, but I can't do the same because it has been about 10 years since I have been to Disney World and 6 since I've been to Disney Land - and I was only there for one day.  So my Disney park knowledge is a little vage haha.

So in preparation for Florida I have been trying to build my tan - I do this by when I work out in the barn wearing tanning lotion haha.  It's helped a little, so we'll see if it actually helps me out when I'm down in Florida!  Also on top of that I'm working on slimming down - I'm doing a set work out so we'll see if it helps haha.  Speaking of slimming down and weight loss please check out my other blog  on this one I focus on low cal eating while in college, there's a lot of original recipes on there, but now it's focusing on eating out haha.  Speaking of which I should prob jump on that one and update there as well haha.

Anyways, I invite all of you to ask questions about anything with the whole process so far, just leave a comment and I will be happy to answer any questions - Really it can be anything, from tips on packing, to the disney look, to whatever!  Hopefully I can come up with something to blog about here soon!!

Have a magical day everyone!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Few more packing tips

Ok everyone!  I have a few more tips that I didn't put in yesterday.  These tips are actually kinda pre-packing tips haha.

So first things first - do some spring cleaning before moving or packing!!!!  It doesn't even need to be spring time to do this haha.  I'd start with your closet, go through and try on everything in it!! If you don't like the way it looks/fits, get rid of it right then and there.  No holding onto it hoping that maybe just maybe it'll look good someday.  If it doesn't look good now it won't look good later!  No excuses - no I'm bloated today, blah blah blah.  You want it to look good on your worse day anyways, because that means it look even better on your "good" day haha.  So just make a pile of the clothes to get rid of them and take them to goodwill or some place like it!  I just did this and got rid of about half my closet and I feel great!!!  I feel like I have a huge load off of my shoulders doing that haha.

So now lets move to the kitchen - please get rid of the junky pots and pans that need to have the crap scrubbed out of them just to make the bearable enough to cook in!!  Just get rid of them instead of moving them to your new place, trust me they aren't that expensive to replace! Ok now that you got rid of those, before packing the rest of your kitchen make sure everything is nice and clean - last thing you want to do is clean things when you get to your new place!!  Also don't move things that are cheap and can be easily replaced - such as plastic wrap, and all of those kinds of things.  Just start new at the new place- these things just take up way too much room in boxes!!  With food - the weeks before moving try your hardest to clean out your fridge and pantry and eat what's in them.  Don't move move with you - once again just stuff taking up too much room.  I do understand moving spices - these can get expensive to replace so these are ok, but not flour and sugar!

Are we seeing a trend yet??  As far as the rest of your house goes - if you don't use it get rid of it!!!!!!  Go through your junk drawer and get rid of the stuff in it!! Don't take old coupons with you, or sold pens and pencil, or loose odds and end papers that you haven't seen in forever haha.  Just don't take it with you!  Start out new and clean and organized!!!  Also before you back anything just dust it off!  Take a swiffer duster and wipe over it then put it into the box!  Once again you do not want to have to clean stuff when you get into your new place, I can't stress that enough!!    Um if you have plastic drawers with stuff in them be sure to tape them closed!!

Ok I think that's everything and I hope it's been helpful!!  I'll just leave you with this - if you don't use it now or haven't seen it in years, don't move it with you!!!!!! Start out fresh and new!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Packing Time!

Seeing that 4 weeks from tomorrow I will be on my way to beautiful Florida, I should really prob start packing!!  Now i've moved 3 times within the past year, and 9 times in the past 5 years, so we can say that I kinda have this whole moving thing down haha!  The hardest part about this move this time is the different things I need to pack for.  I need to pack up all of my stuff for Disney, then the rest of the stuff that needs to go my parents basement, and then I need to focus on a suit case for my vacation in Florida.  So yeah haha.  And with the Disney stuff I need to be able to fit it into my Ford's a smaller car but not too small.  The back seats fold down and open up into the trunk so that's really nice!

Me and my baby when I first got it 5 years ago...oh it's so old now!! Haha, but still in great condition!

Anyways.....So if you car has an option to do that absolutely do it it will make your life a lot easier!!  Also some people don't think of this, but make sure your car is cleaned out!!  That includes vaccuming and really getting rid of the dirt on the inside of you car!  Why may you ask is this important?  So the things  your moving don't get dirty or scratched!  Here in Colorado winters = a lot of gravel, and a lot of it ends up in the car from your feet.  If you have a tv or computer screen in there and it rubs up against that  you can end up with some major scratches on them and that wouldn't be fun.  And who wants to dust first thing when they move in??? Yeah no fun!!

Ok So I'm going to start with your bedding and clothing items.  My biggest suggestion?? Space Bags!  Trust me these things do work as they are promised to work!!  I'm going to be doing all of my bedding, pillows, and clothing items in these (besides the one in the suit case for the trip)   What about wrinkles?  Yeah they do wrinkle some, but you can just run them through a rinse cycle real quick and dry them, or you can even iron them afterwards, but they save so much space in your car.  So here's what you do, at least get the bedding done before you get anything else done with your packing.  That way you can lay that flat down in the bottom of your trunk and pile everything else on top.  I prob won't even start packing my car until I can have the one with my clothes put in there honestly!  They are heavy and don't really bend, so they do need to sit flat, that's why I'm suggesting putting them down first in the car!

Ok now what about the small items that need to go in boxes?  You would think that just putting things into boxes is really no big deal, but I'll give you some simple tips to make your life easier!  A lot of people just think that larger boxes = better because you can fit more into them and you have less of them..... PLEASE do not do this!! Use smaller boxes!  This goes for wether your moving just in your car, or filling a u-hall, TRUST ME!  If they are smaller you don't make them as heavy, and can carry them a lot easier and save a lot of back ach!  Also if your moving with just your car, such as I am to Disney, they fit easier into your car.
Ok now that we have the size thing down another tip is to pack your boxes according to different rooms.  Put all of your bed room stuff into bed room designated boxes, and your bathroom is stuff in designated bathroom boxes etc.  This makes it easier for when you start unpacking!  And be sure to label the box.  That way when your unpacking you know what's in the box before you ever open it!  This will keep you from going insane over trying to find one certain thing when you move in and don't have a chance to unpack right away!  I've done this before and it's not fun at all!!  If you have pets, have a certain box that you put all of their stuff into and know where it is, that way it's one fo the first ones you can get unpacked.  This keeps them settled down and calm while you can move in everything else!

During Moving your other best friend besides boxes is going to be news paper! Not for reading or looking for help with moving, but for protecting your breakable items! Wrap anything that you don't want to break in News Paper!  This goes for picture frames, nick nacks, glasses, dishes, etc.  ANYTHING!  Also in between these items pack some news paper down between them to keep them from moving during the move.  You can buy like bubble wrap if you want...but I think that news paper works just as well honestly!  I get all of my news paper from my campus cause we can get our College Newspaper for free and I just grab a stack once in a while, so then I have enough for the time I need to pack!  On a side note it was fun during one of my moves packing with news paper.  Actually it wasn't the packing it was the unpacking haha.  I moved over to South Carolina from CO and our stuff was in storage for a while, so when I was unpacking it was several months later and in another state and I went through and read some of the things in the paper, and it was just fun to see what when on a couple of months ago, I know I sound like a dork right now!

Ok, now here's a big thing, if it's a large bulky item, do not put it in a box!  You don't want a box for one thing haha, what's the point??  If you have items such as a fan, or nice size desk lamp, don't worry about putting it in a box.  These things are always good out of a box because they always seem to be the one thing that will fit in a certain place when your packing up the car.  I don't know how to explain it really, except think of it as tetris!  Also the Tv, do not put it in a box, but be sure you are protecting that screen! Not only from dirt and gravel in the car, but take a put a towel or something over top of it and tape it around the tv - DO NOT attach any tape to the actual tv though, trust me once again, you will be sorry!  Also with the tv, tape the remote to the towel that your covering the tv with, that way you know where it is!

One last tip that I have for everyone out there is items that you need to be able to get to pretty quick after you move, such as shampoo, conditioner, bath wash, medications, etc.  Put into a separate bag that goes on top of everything and make it so that you can get to it easily!  I've made this mistake before and it's not a fun one to do!

I think I'm out for now, hope these tips help you all out there!  If I come up with more tips I'll just do another blog with some more haha.  Um lets see, 28 days until I'm on the road for Fl!  And then like 8 days later I'm checking into Disney!  I can't wait and am getting so excited for it all!!!  Wooo!!!! Peace out everyone and take care!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Disney Look

So a big part of going to the disney college program is having what's known as "The Disney Look" and Disney gives you a whole thing about all of the guidelines but I"m going to try to generalize them as to what you need to "look" like when you arrive at the Disney program.

We'll start with the girls!

  • All women
    • Hair must be kept back if it is below shoulder length and tends to fall in face
    • Conservative braided hairstyles WITHOUT beats are allowed
    • No shaving of the head or eyebrows (any part of the head)
    • Artificial hair such as extensions is allowed as long as it looks natural
    • Extreme dye colors or bleaching is not allowed.  It must look natural
    • Highlights are allowed as long as they look natural and fit the skin tone of the individual
    • Makeup is permitted as long as it looks natural (so browns and ligh pinks)
    • If eye liner is worn it needs to be a natural color and not extend past the eyes
    • Mascarra can be worn but only black or brown
  • Costumed Women
    • Costumes must be clean and neat at all times
    • They must be worn as designed
      • Not too loose, not too tight, not low on the hips, etc
    • When wearing a costume off property you must remove your nametag
    • Fingernails should be kept clean
    • If you wear fingernail polish it should be complementary to your skin.  
      • No bold colors such as coral, hot pink, red silver, gold, yellow, etc
    • No charms or decals on fingernails.  
    • Fingernails must not exceed one-fourth of an inch beyond the finger tip
    • Hair accessories must be neutral color or a solid color that matches the costume
    • NO more than 3 small barrettes or combs may be worn at once
    • Hair accessories are for the purpose of holding hair away from face and may not be worn as a decorative addition to the costume
    • Only hats and sun visors that may be worn are the ones issued by Disney 
    • Rings, earrings, and a classic business-style wristwatch are permitted
      • Note with the earrings, only one ear ring per ear is allowed and must be worn on the lower part of the ear
      • Earrings should also be simple and hoops are to be no larger than a dime
    • Necklaces, bracelets, and ankle bracelets are not permitted
    • One ring on each hand is permitted - exception is a wedding set
  • Business Attire for Women ( to be worn to classes, meetings, and first day check in)
    • Dress pants witha classic style blouse, or sweater
    • Skirted or pants suit
    • Dress with our without a jacket (not sundresses)
    • Clothing not permitted includes: polo or golf shirts, cargo-style pants, t-shirts, sundresses, sleeveless tops or dresses (without a jacket), capri pants, leggings, casual shorts, wrap-around shorts, one-pice rompers, and garments made of denim fabrics.
    • Winter jackets and coats should present a professional appearance
      • Wool, leather, and microfiber are good choices
    • Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lapel pins, and a business-style wristwatch are permitted
    • One earring in each ear worn on lower part of ear
Ok now for the guys out there!

  • All men
    • mustaches are permitted, but must be neatly trimmed and not present a bushy or unkept apperance
    • Mustaches must not extend onto or over the upper lip and not beyond the corners of the mouth
    • Other facial hair is not permitted
    • Mustaches must be fully grown on the Cast Member's first day (no growing one while on the program)
    • Fingernails must not extend beyond the finger tip and must be kept clean
    • Hair must be neatly cut and tapered on the back and sides and does not extend beyond or cover any part of the shirt collar
    • Must look natural
    • A shaved head is permitted as well as short military-style cut.
    • Shaving eyebrows is not permitted
    • Conservative braided hairstyles WITHOUT beads are permitted as long as it's above the collar
    • tucking hair behind ears, pinning it under, or tucking it under a hat is not permitted
    • Extreme or bi-level styles are not permitted
    • Hair product should create a soft, natural hairstyle
    • Hair coloring must look natural!
    • Sideburns should be neatly trimmed, straight, and in even width and blend naturally from the length of hair on head
  • Costumed Men
    • Costumes should be neat and clean at all times
    • Name tags must not be worn on costume off property
    • Only hats and sun visors are the ones issued by Disney
    • Rings, a small tie tack, and a classic business-style wrist watch are permitted
    • Necklaces, bracelets and anklets are not permitted
    • No visible body piercings
    • Only one ring on each hand is permitted
  • Business Attire
    • Dress trousers and a short or long-sleeved professional style shirt are required.  Shirts must be tucked in, with exception of sweaters
    • A tie, sport coat, or suit may be required at certain times
    • clothing not permitted includes polo or gold style shirts, cargo-style trousers, t-shirts, and garments made of denim fabrics.
    • Winter jackets and coats should also present a profession appearance and should be made of fabrics traditionally acceptable in business
      • Wool, leather and microfiber are good choices

Phew!! That's a lot of things!!  During check in all cast members need to meet the requirements for business attire.  I'm pretty sure that we can check in and get that all done, then change to move in all of our things, but I guess we will see haha.  I had to go shopping for some new clothing items for more "business" appropriate wear, but the guidelines actually are a lot like Big 5 Sporting goods are haha.  So that works for me!!  To add to my list of things to bring to disney I'm putting down my iron as well haha.   Well everyone have a magic day and be sure to check out my other blog cause I updated it as well today.

Monday, April 12, 2010


So I've been doing some investigating on the whole housing/living situation down in Orlando for the the college program!  Some of this info comes from the disney college program website it's self, and some from other blogs out there!  I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due! I promise!!

Different places to live

First off there are wellness apartments and non-wellness apartments.  Wellness are dry apartments intended for participants under 21 years old.  However if you are over 21 you can choose to be in a wellness apartment.  Non-wellness apartments are designed for those over 21 years old.

Ok the different apartment complexes are: Vista Way, Chatham Square, Patterson Court, and The Commons (which houses mainly international Cast Members).  (Thank you wikapedia!)  Ok so I'll break down each apartment complex on the information that I have found!

Vista Way
Vista Way is the older of the apartment complexes.  3-6 people live together in these apartments depending on how many rooms there are.  Vista way is more known to be the "party" complex.  People who live in this complex tend to be a little more social and have big groups of friends, and seems like there's never a dull moment.  There are laundry facilities in each building and 2 pools on site.  Vista apartments are also the smallest of the options.

Chatham Square
Chatham is known to be the more "quite" of the apartment complexes on site.  It's a newer one, built in 2000 and the apartment sizes are larger.  There can be 2-8 people who live in each apartment in this complex.  some rooms also have balconies.  Laundry rooms are scattered through out the buildings, so no garuntee that there will be one in your building.  There is one pool one site.

Patterson Court
Patterson is the newest of the apartment complexes, built in 2008  The biggest complaint with these apartments is that there is no bus stop. You have to walk over to Chatham to catch the bus if you want to take it.  I can't find much on Patterson besides the fact that it's the nicest since it's the newest, and because of this it tends to be the most expensive.... If you have any other info please leave a comment and let me know!!!

The Commons
The commons aren't generally recognized as a main apartment complex because they are for the international students working at Epcot.  Therefore I cannot find anything on them haha...sorry no pic for them!

So costs of the different apartments range anywhere from $82-$108 per person per week.  The amount is automatically deducted from your pay check each week so you do not need to worry about remembering to pay it each week.  The costs include everything!!

This is taken from the disney college website

    • Dresser w/ mirror
    • Nightstand
    • (2) Twin beds
Dining Room
    • Table w/ 4 chairs
Living Room
    • Couch
    • Chair
    • 2 End tables
Additional Items Provided
    • Shower Curtain
    • 2 Vanity wastebaskets
  • Kitchen appliances, utensils and dishes 
    • Refrigerator w/ ice maker
    • Stove, Oven, & Microwave
    • Dishwasher
Utensils and Dishes
    • Assortment of Pots & Pans w/ lids
    • Mixing Bowl Set
    • Measuring Cups
    • Cutting Board
    • Spatula
    • Can Opener
    • Cutting Knife
    • Ladle
    • Tea Kettle
    • Serving Spoons
    • Cookie Sheets
    • Dinner plates
    • Salad Plates
    • Cereal Bowls
    • Drinking Glasses
    • Coffee Cups
    • Set of knives, spoons and forks
  • Wireless Internet Lounge
  • Local phone service and one central phone
  • Maintenance of the apartments, including pest control
  • All utilities, including water, electricity, waste disposal
  • High-speed Internet access in all apartments
  • Computer labs
  • Laundry facilities
  • 24-hour security
  • Cable television
  • Swimming pools
  • Weight rooms
  • Tennis, basketball and racquetball courts

I hope all of this helps you all out!! Also check out my awesome roomies blog !!! Have a magical day!

Special thanks to these websites from where I got my information from!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moving List!

So my awesome future roomie ( came up with a pack list the other day and I thought it was a great idea!! So I copied her list and modified it for me!!  So here it is!

For the Bedroom
1) Fan
2) Bedding
3) Extra padding for bed
4) Extra lighting
5) Pictures for wall
6) TV and VCR
7) Pillow
8) Clothing
9) Shoes
For the Bathroom//Hygiene
1) Soap/shampoo/conditioner
2) Hair dryer/straightener/curling iron
3) Brush/elastics/bobby pins
4) Shower caddy
5) Hair towels/beach towels/hand towels/dish towel/robe/slippers
6) Nail stuff
7) Toothbrush/toothpaste
8) Feminine hygiene products
9) Make-up
10) Deodorant/perfume
11) Razors
12) Lotion
13) Perfume
14) tooth brush and charger
Cleaning Supplies
1) Febreeze – buy there
2) Lysol/bathroom spray – buy there
3) Kitchen trash bags – buy there
4) Paper towels/napkins – buy there
5) Clorox wipes/Windex – buy there
6) Small vacuum
7) Swiffer
1) Computer and charger 2) Digital camera, charger, and USB cord/cell phone and charger/ipod and charger/headphones
3) Computer speakers
4) External hard drive
5) Extension cords 6) Keyboard / mouse
For Your Desk//School Supplies
1) Desk lamp/extra lamp
2) Leisure books
3) Tissues – buy there
4) Trash can 5) Envelopes/stamps
6) Rubber bands/staples/paper clips/pencils/pens/pencil sharpener/post-it notes/push pins/hole punch
7) Scotch tape/masking tape/Duct tape
8) Notebooks/index cards
9) Calculator
10) Book bag
First Aid Kit
1) Neosporin
2) Bandaids
3) Cough drops
4) After sun lotion
5) Thermometer
6) Ibuprofen
7) Meds
1) Sun screen
2) Alarm clock
3) Deck of cards/board games
4) White board
5) Sunglasses
6) N-64 and games
7) Fondue Pot
8) Vanilla and special spice
9) Rolling pin
10) Travel mug
11) Wall flowers
12) Family guy dvds
13) Pearl Harbor and Moulin rouge
14) Security box with passport

Whew what a list!! Lets just hope I can fit all of that in my car!!! haha!!  I need to get it all cleaned out and stuff and ready to go for this trip!  I need to get my emmisions tested since it's now 5 years old, get the windshield replaced - got a big crack in it this winter...stupid colorado and all the snow which = lots of gravel on the road!  I'm also going to shampoo all the carpets, and replace the floor matts and really just clean it all down really well!  So much to do!!  but too much time to do it all haha!!
Woah I just realized that I"m going to be in Disney for July 4th!!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!! Excelent fire works shows!!  Speaking of firework shows, just a little fact....My Sr. year of high school my marching band used the music from illuminations - the fire work show at epcot!  It was an amazing show!!! So much fun and such great music!!  Ok I"m going to go and look for a new template for my blog!!  Last one kept messing up with the comment button for some odd reason. So talk to everyone later!!!

45 Days till check in!

So here I am 45 days until I check in for the Disney College Program, but 39 Days until I leave with my best friend Kristina for our road trip down to Florida!!  We are leaving here, Denver, Colorado on May 16th at like 6:00 am, driving all the way into St. Louis, MO hopefully, then the next day prob into somewhere North Florida, or Southern Georgia, depends on how long we feel like driving.  Then the next day all the way down to Key Largo!!

Down in Key Largo we are staying at the Key Largo Grande Resort for 2 nights!!

Then we are going to the Naples Waldorf Grande Resort for a night!

Then we're driving up to Orlando and staying for two nights at the Hilton at Sea World.

I'm so excited for our trip!! WOO!!!  So all of this started about a month ago when I had my phone interview for Disney.  I was soooo nervous!!  But evidently I did well because I got a letter in my e-mail welcoming me to the program and a few days later I got my disney packet in the mail!
Soon after this I signed up on the website for a roommate match and got my match a few days latter!  Her name is Allison and she is 24 from New Jersey and totally awesome!! I think we're going to get along fantastically!!  She got her bedding the other day and I already have mine from the dorms and by chance they actually match in colors! How great is that??  So excited!! haha!  She came up with an awesome packing list that I'm going to look over and make one of my own to have, I'll prob post it on here after I've gone over it all.  
So in disney I'm going to be working the quick service food and beverage!  This is where I'm really knowledgeable because I've been a manager and two different places like this.  Even though my major is zoology I've been thinking about going back to culinary anyways so this is a good change to network in both areas and figure out what I want in life.  6 months of working and having fun.  It's much needed haha!  Anyways I"m out for today, this was a good first post I believe!  Don't forget to check out my other blog -  It's for healthy eating for college students!  Anyways I'll write later!!!