Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hey everyone just thought I'd stop by real quick to say a quick hello and let you know how training is going!!  It's going great!! Yesterday I worked at the coffee kiosk which was a lot of fun, but boring at the same time because there were about 8 of us stuffed into this little kiosk with one registar.  So one person worked registar while the rest of us stood in one place and just grabbed something like a coke or something like that.  Usually there are 2 people in one yeah but oh well it was still fun.  Today I get to work at the funnel cake place!! I hear it's really hot but I really wana learn how to make them and/or work the registar today!  I"m dying to get back on a registar cause I really enjoy the interaction with the guests and money haha.  I know I"m weird!!!!
This is my costume, I got better boots though haha
So anyways, tonight I'm going to go visit my lovely roommie at where she works in Magic Kingdom and we're going to watch the new Spectro Magic parade!!!!  It's a cast only viewing of it tonight!  I think a whole group of us are going so should be fun stuff!!!  Well I'm out of here to start day 3 of my 9 day work week!  I know sounds tough but honestly it hasn't been bad so far!! 6 more days to go after today!!!  Have a good day everyone!!!


Christine said...

Michele, your blog has kept me smiling. You look awesome in your costume!

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