Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hey everyone!!!!!  So today I took a dive and wen't and auditioned for the part of Vidia - one of Tinker Bell's faries.  The audition was right after I got off of work so I hurried over there as fast as I could.  It was an interesting sight because I went running through the parking lot unbuttoning my shirt as I ran (don't worry I had a shirt on underneath!) jumped in my car threw off my pants (had shorts on underneath as well) and changed my shoes real quick!  Drove like crazy over to Animal Kingdom wardrobe where the auditions were.

When I got there we went in and got measured for height (I am 62.5")  Then I signed in and got a number. I found two of my friends there who were also trying out.  We sat around a while until they took in one group of people.  I wasn't in the first group, so we sat and kept talking.  Then they took our group in.

When we got into the room they lined us up in rows of 10.  There were 50 of us in all in our group.  We then were told to talk with each other and keep smiling and they wondered around looking at each person.  It was a very quick process.

I didn't make it, they only took like 2 of the 50 of us so yeah.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the right skin tone for her but oh well!! I"m planning on going to another audition!!  Should be fun!! But anyways I thought I would share that with you all!!  Hope everyone is doing well!!


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