Thursday, May 27, 2010

Check in to Disney College Program!

Oh my goodness guys it has been a while!!!  So sorry for that but I have been on vacation and checking into the wonderful Disney program these last two weeks and it has been AMAZING!  I'm still trying to sit here and process everything!  But I am going to tell you all about check in and kinda how that works so you get a good idea on it!!! Then prob in a latter blog I'll tell you more about Traditions and your first few days here.  That one will prob be tomorrow!  Anyways here we go!

Alrighty!  So the day begins by waking up early and heading over to Vista Way!  If you are staying in a hotel the night before I highly suggest Holiday Inn SunSpree because it isn't too badly priced and it is pretty much right across from Vista Way!  When should you get there?  Allison and I got over there about 7:30 that morning and check in begins at 9:00.  I know that's an hour and a half early but trust me it's worth it.  But another piece of advice is to not wait right by the bus transportation center but try to stay to the back of the group!  Cause when it's check in every one dashes for the back of the complex towards the club house where you start checking in!
After you get through this line you start going into a tented area where you will get a little sticker with your name written on it and then you go and keep waiting in line.  They then take you in about groups of 6 people over to a table where they explain a booklet that they have for everyone and you write your name on the back and all of that fun kind of stuff, plus you sign a few other documents. 

After that you go into a nicely air conditioned room where you will need to be with your roommate that you want!!  They will send either one of you to the desk to decided on where to live and how many bed rooms you want.  The other person stands to the side and waits for their roommate.  (This is Allison going through all of that)  We got a two bedroom in Vista Way!! (Trust me Vista Way is awesome!  It's not as bad as people make it out to be!!!!)  After that you get your keys, and then they take your picture for your housing id!  

After this process you go back out side into another line to get your car decal if you drove.  NOTE: if you want a decal for your car bring your licence, car registration, and copy of your insurance WITH YOUR NAME ON IT! Not your parents that doesn't work! Must have your name on it!!!  Please be sure to bring this stuff with you it makes it so much easier!! I forgot mine and had to go back later that day to the front desk and get it all figured out and it was just a big pain!!!

You then go to yet another table where they explain to you what is going to go on the rest of the day and show you a map of the property so you can know where to go to find your apartment.  They then let you loose to go find your apartment!!  Now I will bombard you with pics of the apartment! ENJOY!
       The living room                                                                                               The Dinning room

The kitchenOur bathroom
Our Bed room, my bed is the one under the windows

Whew this was a long day!! Haha, and still not over!!!!  After you get into your apartment and claim your room you then head off on a bus to sign your life away to Disney!  
Through this building you will give them all of your on board paper work that you should have filled out before arriving to Disney, you will fill out your I-9 form (be sure to have your pasport or social security card and id) get finger printed, make sure you fit the Disney look.  This process wasn't too long for me because I was on the first bus because I was so early in line!  So take notes!! GET THERE EARLY! Or you'll end up waiting forever!  After this long process you head back to your apartment where you then have time to unload your car or suit case or both and start to get settled in, but about 2-4 hrs later your back on another bus going towards The Commons for your house meeting!  Here they will give you the rundown of all the housing rules and you'll watch some pretty chesey videos, but hey if it's all for safety then that's just fine with me!!!

Well Everyone it has been a fun past few days and all I can really say is for everyone out there to just have fun with it all!!! Chat with people in lines and make friends like Mine!! Have a magical day!!


Anna said...

Thanks for the detailed post! I can't wait to get there!!

Take care!
~ Anna

jazmine; said...

Thanks for posting pics and having such a detailed post! I linked it on my blog so if anyone stops by mine and hasn't seen yours, they'll know if they need some info on the DCP to come here!

So excited, have fun! See you there :)

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