Monday, May 31, 2010

Traditions and Training

Hey everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a great memorial day out there!!!  I thought I'd jump on and tell a little about traditions and training, but I"m not going to say to much because part of the magic is experiencing it not knowing what's going to happen next haha!  So I am working at Disney's Animal Kingdom or dak for short at outdoor foods!!!  I'm extremely excited about it all!!!  

So for traditions there are two different groups who go that day, one in the morning and one in the evening.  I got the morning one so I had to be on the bus at 6:45 am - I know seems way early but it wasn't bad.  From there they drop you off at Disney University where you are split up into class rooms.  In these class rooms you watch presentations on the Disney standards and goals!!  You do various activities through out the day and get your card that lets you into the park and you name tags!  You are officially official after this haha.  Then you are able to go home and for the rest of the day and from here on out you are allowed into the parks!!!!!  So that's what we did!  My good friend and roommate Allison and I headed to Magic Kingdom to ride rides and be little kids - so much fun!!!!!!

I then had Thursday off and went to other parks and had a lot of fun with various people I have met through out the crazy week!  Then Friday I had on site training at DAK!!  We went in and sat in a room and went over all the things about DAK and their standards! We also got our schedule for the next week of the various places we would be working.  I'm personally working at about 5 different places throughout the week!  We then headed into DAK and took a tour of the whole park and then we got to ride the Safari Ride!  I still love it so much!   Then we came back, ate at the cafeteria there, and went to wardrobe to get our costumes!  Mine is a peanut colored safari uniform with hat and all.  It's fantastic!  I'll post pics soon enough I promise - maybe later today!  

Well everyone I know I don't have pics for all of this but we weren't allowed to take pics for most of it so yeah.  But hope this gets everyone even more excited for the adventures that await them!!!  I'm off today as well so it's off to the cast member memorial day picnic at Mickey's Retreat and to Walmart to get my hiking boots for my costume!  Have a great day everyone!!!!!!


Kayla said...

Outdoor Foods?! I'm so excited for you! That's what I did at Disneyland, and its a lot of fun. You get to have so much guest interaction! Plus, you're never doing the same thing, which is good. Popcorn was definitely my favorite.

Michele said...

Thanks! I'm excited haha!

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