Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last minute packing tips

Ok guys, I have officially finished packing!!!!! I"m spending my last few hours in Fort Collins on campus kinda studying for my last final haha. I'm so excited I can't even think straight!!!! I know it isn't real time when your reading this but I'm taking so long to write it because I can't get my thoughts straight haha!

So as I was finishing packing I had a few more tips to share with you all, nothing special just quick things. First: bringing hangers. Hangers are a pain in the butt!!! if anything I would suggest buying them when you get where you are going!! But if your like me and don't want to spend the money you can bring them with you. To help you out bringing them here's what you can do to help keep them together. When they are hanging in the closet take a zip tie or string and put around each corner (on the inside of the hangers) and tie them together. Then also take one and tie around the top of the triangle where the hook attaches. I hope this makes sense haha. But this helps a lot!! And do this with like 10-20 hangers at a time, don't try to do all of yours unless you have room!

If your like me you get all of your boxes in the car and still have a few things here and there left that you need to put in the car, but it's small stuff that you don't want to loose in the abyss of the car haha. So here's what you do, but the stuff in bags, like either grocery bags or the reusable bags and stuff on top of the boxes in your trunk! Works like a charm!!!

So that's everything!! I only ran into one problem while packing, my large space bag with bedding in it got a hole or something and isn't as compressed as it should but, but I"m not touching it because it's actually alright where it is! So yup that's it. I prob won't be posting again until I get down there! Hope everyone have a good time packing and getting down there and be safe!!!!


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