Sunday, April 18, 2010

Few more packing tips

Ok everyone!  I have a few more tips that I didn't put in yesterday.  These tips are actually kinda pre-packing tips haha.

So first things first - do some spring cleaning before moving or packing!!!!  It doesn't even need to be spring time to do this haha.  I'd start with your closet, go through and try on everything in it!! If you don't like the way it looks/fits, get rid of it right then and there.  No holding onto it hoping that maybe just maybe it'll look good someday.  If it doesn't look good now it won't look good later!  No excuses - no I'm bloated today, blah blah blah.  You want it to look good on your worse day anyways, because that means it look even better on your "good" day haha.  So just make a pile of the clothes to get rid of them and take them to goodwill or some place like it!  I just did this and got rid of about half my closet and I feel great!!!  I feel like I have a huge load off of my shoulders doing that haha.

So now lets move to the kitchen - please get rid of the junky pots and pans that need to have the crap scrubbed out of them just to make the bearable enough to cook in!!  Just get rid of them instead of moving them to your new place, trust me they aren't that expensive to replace! Ok now that you got rid of those, before packing the rest of your kitchen make sure everything is nice and clean - last thing you want to do is clean things when you get to your new place!!  Also don't move things that are cheap and can be easily replaced - such as plastic wrap, and all of those kinds of things.  Just start new at the new place- these things just take up way too much room in boxes!!  With food - the weeks before moving try your hardest to clean out your fridge and pantry and eat what's in them.  Don't move move with you - once again just stuff taking up too much room.  I do understand moving spices - these can get expensive to replace so these are ok, but not flour and sugar!

Are we seeing a trend yet??  As far as the rest of your house goes - if you don't use it get rid of it!!!!!!  Go through your junk drawer and get rid of the stuff in it!! Don't take old coupons with you, or sold pens and pencil, or loose odds and end papers that you haven't seen in forever haha.  Just don't take it with you!  Start out new and clean and organized!!!  Also before you back anything just dust it off!  Take a swiffer duster and wipe over it then put it into the box!  Once again you do not want to have to clean stuff when you get into your new place, I can't stress that enough!!    Um if you have plastic drawers with stuff in them be sure to tape them closed!!

Ok I think that's everything and I hope it's been helpful!!  I'll just leave you with this - if you don't use it now or haven't seen it in years, don't move it with you!!!!!! Start out fresh and new!


Mel said...

Trying clothes on to see if they fit? What a great concept! I always go through my closet and try to eliminate stuff but only seem to eliminate one or two items at a time. Trying it on to see if it actually fits or looks good might be the key to getting rid of a good chunk of the items I dont wear anymore. Great tips. There is no way I moving anything that isn't essential to Orlando with me...

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