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So I've been doing some investigating on the whole housing/living situation down in Orlando for the the college program!  Some of this info comes from the disney college program website it's self, and some from other blogs out there!  I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due! I promise!!

Different places to live

First off there are wellness apartments and non-wellness apartments.  Wellness are dry apartments intended for participants under 21 years old.  However if you are over 21 you can choose to be in a wellness apartment.  Non-wellness apartments are designed for those over 21 years old.

Ok the different apartment complexes are: Vista Way, Chatham Square, Patterson Court, and The Commons (which houses mainly international Cast Members).  (Thank you wikapedia!)  Ok so I'll break down each apartment complex on the information that I have found!

Vista Way
Vista Way is the older of the apartment complexes.  3-6 people live together in these apartments depending on how many rooms there are.  Vista way is more known to be the "party" complex.  People who live in this complex tend to be a little more social and have big groups of friends, and seems like there's never a dull moment.  There are laundry facilities in each building and 2 pools on site.  Vista apartments are also the smallest of the options.

Chatham Square
Chatham is known to be the more "quite" of the apartment complexes on site.  It's a newer one, built in 2000 and the apartment sizes are larger.  There can be 2-8 people who live in each apartment in this complex.  some rooms also have balconies.  Laundry rooms are scattered through out the buildings, so no garuntee that there will be one in your building.  There is one pool one site.

Patterson Court
Patterson is the newest of the apartment complexes, built in 2008  The biggest complaint with these apartments is that there is no bus stop. You have to walk over to Chatham to catch the bus if you want to take it.  I can't find much on Patterson besides the fact that it's the nicest since it's the newest, and because of this it tends to be the most expensive.... If you have any other info please leave a comment and let me know!!!

The Commons
The commons aren't generally recognized as a main apartment complex because they are for the international students working at Epcot.  Therefore I cannot find anything on them haha...sorry no pic for them!

So costs of the different apartments range anywhere from $82-$108 per person per week.  The amount is automatically deducted from your pay check each week so you do not need to worry about remembering to pay it each week.  The costs include everything!!

This is taken from the disney college website

    • Dresser w/ mirror
    • Nightstand
    • (2) Twin beds
Dining Room
    • Table w/ 4 chairs
Living Room
    • Couch
    • Chair
    • 2 End tables
Additional Items Provided
    • Shower Curtain
    • 2 Vanity wastebaskets
  • Kitchen appliances, utensils and dishes 
    • Refrigerator w/ ice maker
    • Stove, Oven, & Microwave
    • Dishwasher
Utensils and Dishes
    • Assortment of Pots & Pans w/ lids
    • Mixing Bowl Set
    • Measuring Cups
    • Cutting Board
    • Spatula
    • Can Opener
    • Cutting Knife
    • Ladle
    • Tea Kettle
    • Serving Spoons
    • Cookie Sheets
    • Dinner plates
    • Salad Plates
    • Cereal Bowls
    • Drinking Glasses
    • Coffee Cups
    • Set of knives, spoons and forks
  • Wireless Internet Lounge
  • Local phone service and one central phone
  • Maintenance of the apartments, including pest control
  • All utilities, including water, electricity, waste disposal
  • High-speed Internet access in all apartments
  • Computer labs
  • Laundry facilities
  • 24-hour security
  • Cable television
  • Swimming pools
  • Weight rooms
  • Tennis, basketball and racquetball courts

I hope all of this helps you all out!! Also check out my awesome roomies blog !!! Have a magical day!

Special thanks to these websites from where I got my information from!


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