Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Disney Look

So a big part of going to the disney college program is having what's known as "The Disney Look" and Disney gives you a whole thing about all of the guidelines but I"m going to try to generalize them as to what you need to "look" like when you arrive at the Disney program.

We'll start with the girls!

  • All women
    • Hair must be kept back if it is below shoulder length and tends to fall in face
    • Conservative braided hairstyles WITHOUT beats are allowed
    • No shaving of the head or eyebrows (any part of the head)
    • Artificial hair such as extensions is allowed as long as it looks natural
    • Extreme dye colors or bleaching is not allowed.  It must look natural
    • Highlights are allowed as long as they look natural and fit the skin tone of the individual
    • Makeup is permitted as long as it looks natural (so browns and ligh pinks)
    • If eye liner is worn it needs to be a natural color and not extend past the eyes
    • Mascarra can be worn but only black or brown
  • Costumed Women
    • Costumes must be clean and neat at all times
    • They must be worn as designed
      • Not too loose, not too tight, not low on the hips, etc
    • When wearing a costume off property you must remove your nametag
    • Fingernails should be kept clean
    • If you wear fingernail polish it should be complementary to your skin.  
      • No bold colors such as coral, hot pink, red silver, gold, yellow, etc
    • No charms or decals on fingernails.  
    • Fingernails must not exceed one-fourth of an inch beyond the finger tip
    • Hair accessories must be neutral color or a solid color that matches the costume
    • NO more than 3 small barrettes or combs may be worn at once
    • Hair accessories are for the purpose of holding hair away from face and may not be worn as a decorative addition to the costume
    • Only hats and sun visors that may be worn are the ones issued by Disney 
    • Rings, earrings, and a classic business-style wristwatch are permitted
      • Note with the earrings, only one ear ring per ear is allowed and must be worn on the lower part of the ear
      • Earrings should also be simple and hoops are to be no larger than a dime
    • Necklaces, bracelets, and ankle bracelets are not permitted
    • One ring on each hand is permitted - exception is a wedding set
  • Business Attire for Women ( to be worn to classes, meetings, and first day check in)
    • Dress pants witha classic style blouse, or sweater
    • Skirted or pants suit
    • Dress with our without a jacket (not sundresses)
    • Clothing not permitted includes: polo or golf shirts, cargo-style pants, t-shirts, sundresses, sleeveless tops or dresses (without a jacket), capri pants, leggings, casual shorts, wrap-around shorts, one-pice rompers, and garments made of denim fabrics.
    • Winter jackets and coats should present a professional appearance
      • Wool, leather, and microfiber are good choices
    • Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lapel pins, and a business-style wristwatch are permitted
    • One earring in each ear worn on lower part of ear
Ok now for the guys out there!

  • All men
    • mustaches are permitted, but must be neatly trimmed and not present a bushy or unkept apperance
    • Mustaches must not extend onto or over the upper lip and not beyond the corners of the mouth
    • Other facial hair is not permitted
    • Mustaches must be fully grown on the Cast Member's first day (no growing one while on the program)
    • Fingernails must not extend beyond the finger tip and must be kept clean
    • Hair must be neatly cut and tapered on the back and sides and does not extend beyond or cover any part of the shirt collar
    • Must look natural
    • A shaved head is permitted as well as short military-style cut.
    • Shaving eyebrows is not permitted
    • Conservative braided hairstyles WITHOUT beads are permitted as long as it's above the collar
    • tucking hair behind ears, pinning it under, or tucking it under a hat is not permitted
    • Extreme or bi-level styles are not permitted
    • Hair product should create a soft, natural hairstyle
    • Hair coloring must look natural!
    • Sideburns should be neatly trimmed, straight, and in even width and blend naturally from the length of hair on head
  • Costumed Men
    • Costumes should be neat and clean at all times
    • Name tags must not be worn on costume off property
    • Only hats and sun visors are the ones issued by Disney
    • Rings, a small tie tack, and a classic business-style wrist watch are permitted
    • Necklaces, bracelets and anklets are not permitted
    • No visible body piercings
    • Only one ring on each hand is permitted
  • Business Attire
    • Dress trousers and a short or long-sleeved professional style shirt are required.  Shirts must be tucked in, with exception of sweaters
    • A tie, sport coat, or suit may be required at certain times
    • clothing not permitted includes polo or gold style shirts, cargo-style trousers, t-shirts, and garments made of denim fabrics.
    • Winter jackets and coats should also present a profession appearance and should be made of fabrics traditionally acceptable in business
      • Wool, leather and microfiber are good choices

Phew!! That's a lot of things!!  During check in all cast members need to meet the requirements for business attire.  I'm pretty sure that we can check in and get that all done, then change to move in all of our things, but I guess we will see haha.  I had to go shopping for some new clothing items for more "business" appropriate wear, but the guidelines actually are a lot like Big 5 Sporting goods are haha.  So that works for me!!  To add to my list of things to bring to disney I'm putting down my iron as well haha.   Well everyone have a magic day and be sure to check out my other blog cause I updated it as well today.


Kristin said...

Just so you know, you don't have to be in business wear for check in. You have to meet Disney look during check in with your hair, make up, jewelry, etc, but you're able to wear jeans or shorts & tshirts for check in.

Vivianne said...

I loooove those pics! They really help with knowing what's acceptable while working!

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