Thursday, April 8, 2010

45 Days till check in!

So here I am 45 days until I check in for the Disney College Program, but 39 Days until I leave with my best friend Kristina for our road trip down to Florida!!  We are leaving here, Denver, Colorado on May 16th at like 6:00 am, driving all the way into St. Louis, MO hopefully, then the next day prob into somewhere North Florida, or Southern Georgia, depends on how long we feel like driving.  Then the next day all the way down to Key Largo!!

Down in Key Largo we are staying at the Key Largo Grande Resort for 2 nights!!

Then we are going to the Naples Waldorf Grande Resort for a night!

Then we're driving up to Orlando and staying for two nights at the Hilton at Sea World.

I'm so excited for our trip!! WOO!!!  So all of this started about a month ago when I had my phone interview for Disney.  I was soooo nervous!!  But evidently I did well because I got a letter in my e-mail welcoming me to the program and a few days later I got my disney packet in the mail!
Soon after this I signed up on the website for a roommate match and got my match a few days latter!  Her name is Allison and she is 24 from New Jersey and totally awesome!! I think we're going to get along fantastically!!  She got her bedding the other day and I already have mine from the dorms and by chance they actually match in colors! How great is that??  So excited!! haha!  She came up with an awesome packing list that I'm going to look over and make one of my own to have, I'll prob post it on here after I've gone over it all.  
So in disney I'm going to be working the quick service food and beverage!  This is where I'm really knowledgeable because I've been a manager and two different places like this.  Even though my major is zoology I've been thinking about going back to culinary anyways so this is a good change to network in both areas and figure out what I want in life.  6 months of working and having fun.  It's much needed haha!  Anyways I"m out for today, this was a good first post I believe!  Don't forget to check out my other blog -  It's for healthy eating for college students!  Anyways I'll write later!!!


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