Monday, April 19, 2010

Just updating

Hey everyone, I honestly don't have a specific topic to post on today haha, but I really wanted to jump on and say hello to my newest followers!! I'm up to 10 and so excited!!  This blog will become more interesting as soon as I get to the college program and then I can do blogs on what is going on down there haha.  A lot of other blogs I've been reading are doing information on the different parks and stuff, which is great, but I can't do the same because it has been about 10 years since I have been to Disney World and 6 since I've been to Disney Land - and I was only there for one day.  So my Disney park knowledge is a little vage haha.

So in preparation for Florida I have been trying to build my tan - I do this by when I work out in the barn wearing tanning lotion haha.  It's helped a little, so we'll see if it actually helps me out when I'm down in Florida!  Also on top of that I'm working on slimming down - I'm doing a set work out so we'll see if it helps haha.  Speaking of slimming down and weight loss please check out my other blog  on this one I focus on low cal eating while in college, there's a lot of original recipes on there, but now it's focusing on eating out haha.  Speaking of which I should prob jump on that one and update there as well haha.

Anyways, I invite all of you to ask questions about anything with the whole process so far, just leave a comment and I will be happy to answer any questions - Really it can be anything, from tips on packing, to the disney look, to whatever!  Hopefully I can come up with something to blog about here soon!!

Have a magical day everyone!


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