Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moving List!

So my awesome future roomie ( came up with a pack list the other day and I thought it was a great idea!! So I copied her list and modified it for me!!  So here it is!

For the Bedroom
1) Fan
2) Bedding
3) Extra padding for bed
4) Extra lighting
5) Pictures for wall
6) TV and VCR
7) Pillow
8) Clothing
9) Shoes
For the Bathroom//Hygiene
1) Soap/shampoo/conditioner
2) Hair dryer/straightener/curling iron
3) Brush/elastics/bobby pins
4) Shower caddy
5) Hair towels/beach towels/hand towels/dish towel/robe/slippers
6) Nail stuff
7) Toothbrush/toothpaste
8) Feminine hygiene products
9) Make-up
10) Deodorant/perfume
11) Razors
12) Lotion
13) Perfume
14) tooth brush and charger
Cleaning Supplies
1) Febreeze – buy there
2) Lysol/bathroom spray – buy there
3) Kitchen trash bags – buy there
4) Paper towels/napkins – buy there
5) Clorox wipes/Windex – buy there
6) Small vacuum
7) Swiffer
1) Computer and charger 2) Digital camera, charger, and USB cord/cell phone and charger/ipod and charger/headphones
3) Computer speakers
4) External hard drive
5) Extension cords 6) Keyboard / mouse
For Your Desk//School Supplies
1) Desk lamp/extra lamp
2) Leisure books
3) Tissues – buy there
4) Trash can 5) Envelopes/stamps
6) Rubber bands/staples/paper clips/pencils/pens/pencil sharpener/post-it notes/push pins/hole punch
7) Scotch tape/masking tape/Duct tape
8) Notebooks/index cards
9) Calculator
10) Book bag
First Aid Kit
1) Neosporin
2) Bandaids
3) Cough drops
4) After sun lotion
5) Thermometer
6) Ibuprofen
7) Meds
1) Sun screen
2) Alarm clock
3) Deck of cards/board games
4) White board
5) Sunglasses
6) N-64 and games
7) Fondue Pot
8) Vanilla and special spice
9) Rolling pin
10) Travel mug
11) Wall flowers
12) Family guy dvds
13) Pearl Harbor and Moulin rouge
14) Security box with passport

Whew what a list!! Lets just hope I can fit all of that in my car!!! haha!!  I need to get it all cleaned out and stuff and ready to go for this trip!  I need to get my emmisions tested since it's now 5 years old, get the windshield replaced - got a big crack in it this winter...stupid colorado and all the snow which = lots of gravel on the road!  I'm also going to shampoo all the carpets, and replace the floor matts and really just clean it all down really well!  So much to do!!  but too much time to do it all haha!!
Woah I just realized that I"m going to be in Disney for July 4th!!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!! Excelent fire works shows!!  Speaking of firework shows, just a little fact....My Sr. year of high school my marching band used the music from illuminations - the fire work show at epcot!  It was an amazing show!!! So much fun and such great music!!  Ok I"m going to go and look for a new template for my blog!!  Last one kept messing up with the comment button for some odd reason. So talk to everyone later!!!


JessKa! said...

I'm SO GLAD you posted this!! You saved me hours of thinking of what I needed to make sure I had! You're awesome (:

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